Director of operations, Zach Frizzell

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Zachary credits Bearcat coffee and Hank Williams for his introduction to Inverse-Square. His background is eclectic with several years of operations management, too much overtime in national sales, quality-obsessed marketing, with a small stint as a forensics LIMS administrator. It just so happened that Team Awesome could benefit from the diverse background Zachary had to offer.

As Director of Operations, Zachary focuses on lead generation, client relations, operational development & procedures, and marketing initiatives. He has also been tasked with spreading the word about how amazing Inverse-Square is and why we all need each other. More than anything, Zachary is absolutely committed to helping his clients and his team. Truth, creativity, and humility are the ingredients of a good day.

Zachary is a passionate community advocate. He is the Council Vice President for the Historic Town of Homecroft. During his tenure, his primary focus has been to promote better communication between the constituents of Homecroft and the town government. Zachary is the key contributor in formulating strategic goals, development, and implementation of various technology to increase information accessibility for the Town of Homecroft.

Outside of work, Zachary relishes in family time with his wife and four children. He is a drummist, multi-instrumentalist, and audio connoisseur. It is a daily toss up of which musical group he is more obsessed with; Radiohead, Boards of Canada, or Stars of the Lid.

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