Business analyst, Patrick laskowski 

Meet Patrick  Patrick_Casual.jpeg

Hardcore Hoosier and Fighting Irish alum, Patrick joined Team Awesome in October of 2015 in search of a fast-paced environment within a close-knit team.

At Inverse-Square, Patrick is involved in all stages of the project lifecycle from sales and requirements gathering, to design, and quality control. He loves working alongside clients helping them make their data smarter and their processes leaner. Patrick believes that organization and efficiency are critical for businesses in today's data-driven world. He also believes in Espresso, and on some days, Double Espressos. 

An avid volleyball player, and self-taught and sub-par pianist, Patrick likes to unwind reading about Economics, Math, and Statistics. While at the office, he enjoys digging into all of the finer details of the client's business; becoming an expert on their needs, he's working with Team Awesome to build the perfect solution.

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Are you ready for a time and money saving custom software solution? Patrick will walk you through custom software development from inception to installation!

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