"Great people to work with and very helpful... and efficient"
    "Everyone I've met at your company has a sincere, friendly, and intelligent approach to conversations. Very impressive team."
    "Inverse Square is a great company to work with. They are attentive to our needs and create software/system that makes our work much easier."
    "Enjoyed a really positive experience working with I-S from beginning to end."
    "Their customer service is tremendous."
    "You do good work, first and foremost. Second, you're easy to work with. Third, your prices are reasonable and allow us to build you into our project teams and keep the cost to the client in line with expectations."
    "Bob and Joe worked diligently with us on a start up project and went above and beyond with their support and expertise." 

    "We love our program database, and we love Inverse-Square staff. We've really enjoyed working together - the communication on your end throughout the whole process is very open and consistent, and you all are flexible and willing to work with us... We love working together! Also, we appreciate that we can trust you to keep our best interests in mind."

    "The people at Inverse Square are knowledgeable, professional, reasonable, and truly care about the success of our organization. Knowing that we'll get a wonderful product for a great price by extraordinary people is what we like most!"



    "When we really needed Inverse-Square's help, they were there for us!"
    "Honest and straightforward in a world that is not always that way."
    "Love me some Inverse Square. You're all talented, thorough, wicked smart and conscientious. Your clients matter to you - that's clear." 


    "Quality product and excellent service."



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    "Staff is very professional and friendly. When a help call is placed, they are responsive in a timely manner. They make you feel like you are the only customer they have - Top Notch!"

    "There are many things I like about your company: capability, communications, fair pricing, integrity, long-term thoughtfulness about the relationship."



    "Very easy to work with and talented!"


    "Working with Inverse Square on a custom software application adds value to the application itself."

    "Inverse Square is honest & does great work. The programming team is able to wrap their mind around their client's industry and ask strategic questions that improve the application's design and functionality."


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    "Inverse-Square created a best-in-class software platform to underwrite offers to purchase single-family homes in many cities by PE firms who engaged RENU for hundreds of millions of dollars in transactions. Four years after it was created, linked to various databases including listings, transactions and rentals, the Inverse-Square software remains unique, unrivaled and a sustained competitive advantage for RENU."


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    We built something awesome for each of these clients, now let's build something awesome together! 

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